The Aimpoint Putting System

For those of you who aren’t aware of the Aimpoint Putting System, here’s a quick introduction to the latest craze in golf.

The Aimpoint system was developed to dramatically improve putting percentages. The brainchild of US coach Mark Sweeney, it’s all about methods to improve the reading of greens – both the putting lines and the green speed.

Many professionals currently on tour use the method with great success – you may have noticed them eyeing up each putt and using their fingers to assess the line. They also use their feet to gauge the slope and eventual speed of the putt.

After going through an AimPoint Green Reading class, such as the events we hold regularly at Studley Wood Golf Club, you will learn that putting is predictable, and you’ll also discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt, all based on gravity.

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