The Importance Of Putter Fitting

Putting is a mystery to all but the young – for most amateur golfers the putter is a magic wand one day, and a mallet the next!

However, most amateur golfers also don’t know that they can have their putter custom-fitted – effectively personalised for their build, stance and putting stroke.

Now I hear you ask – “What difference will that make, I don’t have a putting style??”

Well actually it makes a large difference, because everyone has their own putting style and having a putter fitted to that style can significantly increase confidence and control through improved consistency.

The main consistency gains are to be made in ball striking – how the putter makes contact with the ball and how the ball then rolls. Most amateur golfers will have a highly inconsistent ball striking pattern with their putter, maybe only striking 2 in 10 putts properly. That means that they are never quite sure how the ball will come off the putter face, how it will roll, how much break it will take….

In turn they’re not quite sure where to aim or how hard to hit – the whole process becomes a frustrating guessing game which can turn grown adults into whimpering wrecks!

Now imagine that you could increase that good ball striking ratio to 7 in 10 – all of a sudden things start to become clearer, the hole gets that little bit bigger, your confidence grows and ultimately your putting averages start to drop considerably. It all makes perfect sense when you consider how important consistency and spacial awareness is in any aspect of golf – if you don’t know how you’re going to hit the ball how can you possibly know where to aim, how hard to swing, or even what club to take!

At the AB Golf Performance Centre in Thame, we have the very latest technology in our purpose built putting studio – everything required to analyse your putting stroke and make the required changes.

At the Performance Centre we operate a SAM Puttlab high speed camera system. This high tech piece of equipment captures vital information about your putting stroke such as face aim, path, rotation, timing, dynamic loft and the impact spot. That’s 6 different factors determined by your individual putting style – all of which we can improve on to increase putting consistency.

Contact me directly, or our Performance Centre in Thame, to book an appointment for a putter fitting. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results.