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using the latest technology


Golf Tuition

Single lesson

Tuition in the swing studio at Southfields Golf Centre. You will be measured on Trackman and Boditrack and well as visual feedback from high speed video. You will learn exactly what causes your bad shots and leave with key areas to work on with relevant practice drills.

Putting lessons

Putting tuition is often ignored by golfers yet can make a huge differance to reducing your score. I offer putting tuition programs which combine tuition indoors using SamPuttLab and out on the putting green at Studley Wood G.C. Working on your pre putt routine, green reading, stoke mechanics and productive practice drills you will realise that improving your putting is the quickest way to reducing your score.

Custom Putter Fitting, Oxfordshire

Short game lessons

Improve your Bunker play, pitching and chipping on the short game practice area at Studley Wood G.C. Learning the key fundamentals of the short game shots will no doubt help your scoring on the golf course.

On course lessons

Learning how to hit the golf ball on a driving range is just one thing, learning how to play and think your way around a golf course is what will make you an accomplished golfer. On course lessons provides learning opportunities that the driving range lacks suck as real fairway conditions, uneven lies, shot selection, the feeling of pressure when executing a golf shot. Taking on course tuition will also allow you to learn and develop a consistent, reliable pre shot routine.

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Tuition Fees

Single Lesson

(45 minutes) = £50

Short game lesson at Studley Wood G.C

(45 minutes) = £50

Sam Putt Lab Lesson / Putting lesson at Studley Wood G.C

(45 minutes) = £50

On course lesson at Studley Wood G.C or Chiltern Forest)

(90 minutes) = £100

Lesson Programs - Combining all of the above

Block of six lessons

(270 minutes) - £250

Block of 10 lessons

(450 minutes) - £400