Junior Golf Coaching and Holiday Camps in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Accessible golf lessons and coaching for under 18’s in Buckingham, everyone welcome.

For many years Tom has been an influential junior golf coach, taking many young golfers up to the level required to compete and consider professional golf as a career. Tom offers individual one-off lessons, structured programmes, group coaching and holiday camps for all levels of young golfer.


At both the AB Golf Performance Centre and Studley Wood G.C, Tom has created a structured and safe environment for youngsters to take up the game and learn to play golf. The facilities across both venues offer the ideal atmosphere for new young golfers.


In 2018 Tom launched the Next Generation Golf Academy, which currently has a wide range of enthusiastic and ambitious youngsters ranging from 6yrs to 16yrs old, who attend a weekly coaching session throughout the year, and also benefit from monthly one-on-one course lessons. The academy is focused on fun and learning, and so far we’ve seen huge improvements across all members, with some members winning regional competitions across the summer.


Tom offers junior coaching across the AB Golf venues (Studley Wood, North Oxford, Chiltern Forest, Whiteleaf), with the golf camps running at either the AB Golf Performance Centre or Studley Wood Golf Club.


  To speak with Tom about junior coaching or the holiday camps, you can pop into The AB Golf Performance Centre in Thame (Oxfordshire),  call today on 07912 529478, or email tom@tombakergolf.co.uk.

Junior golf coaching and lessons in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Highly qualified across all training technologies and techniques

Tom is a highly qualified and experienced golf professional, with certification in all of the very latest golf technology and training aids available on the market today. Tom regularly utilises technology such as Trackman, SAM PuttLab, Boditrak and GC2 Launch Monitor to find the small margins required for good golfers to take their game to the next level.


This advanced level of certification makes Tom one of the most competent coaches in the Buckinghamshire and indeed the UK, and allows him to use a multi-faceted approach when coaching golfers to get the very best out of their game.

Whether you need assistance with your driving, short game or putting, the expert use of analysis software combined with the knowledge and experience that Tom brings, will give you an understanding of your game like you’ve never had before.

PGA Teaching Professional - Buckingham, BuckinghamshireTrackman golf coaching - Buckingham, BuckinghamshireBoditrak golf coaching - Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Golf lessons - Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

PGA Professional Golf Coach – Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Across the BB&O (Beds, Bucks & Oxon) region, Tom runs and attends coaching activities and programmes for golfers of all levels, from juniors who are just beginning, to experienced golfers who want to take their game to the ultimate level. From his base The AB Golf Performance Centre in Thame (Oxfordshire), Tom is conveniently located to provide coaching and lessons for golfers from across the BB&O region.

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Custom golf club fitting in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Putting Lessons – Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Tom is a very highly respected putting coach, giving lessons to both beginners and professionals. At the AB Golf Performance Putting Studio in Thame, Tom uses the SAM Puttlab high speed camera system to capture vital information about your putting stroke such as face aim, path, rotation, timing, dynamic loft and the impact spot. Tom also travels Europe attending the very best putting coaching sessions so that he can always offer pupils the latest techniques and thinking in the industry.

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Putting Lessons in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Custom Golf Club Fitting Service – Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

As the perfect accompaniment to high quality coaching, Tom also offers a specialist custom club fitting service, which can be performed for a new set of clubs, or on your existing set. By monitoring your swing with the latest technology on the market (Trackman, Foresight GC2, BodiTrack, SAMPuttLab) Tom will advise on whether having custom fitted clubs will help your game.

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Custom golf club fitting in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire